I have always been an 'ideas' person.



Going all the way back to my childhood, when an exciting new idea comes to mind, I literally hit the drawing board and start creating the logo first! What I didn't know back then is I was combining visioning with branding; creating the very identity of something new, by way of visualizing it in real time. My As I grew older, my understanding of brands changed. I learned about advertising psychology and eventually earned a degree in marketing. My intentions changed quickly evolved from 'let's make something pretty, ' to 'let's make something sell,' and I started applying my newfound knowledge and design talents to actual brands.  


 One of my proudest honors was leading the rebrand of storied camera bag maker Tamrac, a brand that came into my orbit at age 9. Joining a company that had lost its way among its core audience, I was challenged to reconnect Tamrac with its core values and community. Everything from the website to the product packaging was rebranded, and, through lots of creation and engagement, we reestablished Tamrac in the photo community. I personally coordinated all marketing for two global product launches, created Tamrac's first printed catalog in 5 years, relaunched vacated social media channels, and formed of partnerships with influencers and complementary brands. But single-handedly directing product photoshoots, working on three international trade shows, and creating promotional assets used by Tamrac's European and Asian partners had a huge impact on me.



I was exhausted and ready for change.



After spending 8 years consulting and designing for 'big names' companies, I found that I was out of alignment with the projects I worked on. They no longer fit with my goals, morals, or calling, so I stepped away from marketing to refocus on what actually stoked my fire, and to help those around me grow and achieve their goals. What I love most about creating exciting logos is to help someone give life to what gives them life. That's why I started The Aligned Branding Co. Our mission is to support creators and set them up to flourish with empowered and focused branding, stunning websites and presentations, and supportive creative assets that just WORK! 


In addition to my work in marketing, I am also a commercial pilot, flight instructor, published writer, musician, and photographer. I share my content and knowledge through @SilverwingSpotter with a worldwide audience of over 40,000.